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    Sustainable Biofuel Production

    Magtech, a top-of-the-line biodiesel plant manufacturer in india, envisions a world where biofuel is the primary energy source. Our holistic approach to sustainability and innovation equips us to lead the charge in the green energy revolution while making way for cleaner energy and a brighter tomorrow.

  • We are the Pioneers of

    Biochemical and Oleochemical Solutions

    With a bold vision for the future, we create cutting-edge biofuel solutions. We continually work to expand feedstock diversity, boost process efficiency, and refine technology to not only meet but also surpass market expectations.

  • We are Not Just Setting Benchmarks

    We are Elevating Them

    As trusted biodiesel plant suppliers in India, we are committed to fostering sustainable practices throughout the biodiesel production process. Journey with us as we lay the groundwork for a resilient biochemical and oleochemical industry. Our distinct approach diversifies energy sources while preserving vital food crops, striking a delicate balance between economic growth and sustainability.


10 years Of Experience in Biodiesel Technology

We strongly believe that – innovation is a boon for actual future growth. For the last 10 years, we have been devoting ourselves to learning each nitty-gritty of the biofuel and oleochemical industries by directly getting immersed in the process and operation.

As a biodiesel plant manufacturer in India, we have the experience to spot technological gaps that have the potential to completely change the way that companies use resources and produce final commodities

Pave the Way for a Sustainable Future With MagTech - the Industry-best Biodiesel Plant Manufacturer in India

As a leading biodiesel plant manufacturer in India, Magtech aims to offer top-tier sustainable fuel solutions. We excel in creating innovative, high-quality, and super-efficient biodiesel plants that exceed industry norms. Leveraging advanced technology and environmentally friendly practices has consistently enabled us to remain at the forefront of the biodiesel production industry.

Our thorough approach, from rigorous planning to flawless execution, highlights our commitment to renewable energy solutions that promote a healthier planet, making us the most trusted biodiesel plant manufacturer in India. Choose us as your biodiesel plant manufacturer in India and take a robust step towards a sustainable future.

We are empowering India's Green Revolution with the top biodiesel plant manufacturer in India

As the leading biodiesel plant manufacturer in India, we at MagTech are at the heart of empowering the country’s Green Revolution. Our superior technology and innovative processes are setting new benchmarks in the production of sustainable biofuels. We are deeply committed to excellence and sustainability, and it has enabled us to significantly reduce the carbon footprint and embrace cleaner energy sources. In addition to promoting economic growth and the agricultural sector, our cutting-edge solutions are a massive step towards crafting a greener future for India.


We Take a Safety-first Approach

We, as a premier biodiesel plant supplier in India, prioritize safety and innovation at the core of our operations. Our exclusive facilities are designed with cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest safety standards, safeguarding both our workforce and the environment at large.  From sourcing feedstock to the final biodiesel output, we adhere to stringent safety protocols and environmental regulations, thus setting a benchmark for excellence as the most trusted biodiesel plant manufacturer in India.

We tap into uncharted resources and employ proven safety measures to plant the seeds for a Sustainable future.

Leading the Path with Industry-best Practices

Being the leading biodiesel plant manufacturer in India, our pledge to quality and eco-friendliness while keeping up with ethical standards shapes every aspect of our operations.

About Founders

We Are Leading Biofuel Technologist

Prasanta Debnath

(Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder)
BE (Jadavpur University)

Abdul Halim Mondal

(Co-founder & Director)
BE (Jadavpur University)

Munshi Golam Zilani

(Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder)
BE (Jadavpur University)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Biodiesel is a renewable and biodegradable fuel that is made from animal fats, vegetable oils, and waste cooking oil. It can be used as a replacement for fossil diesel fuel or mixed with petroleum diesel in any proportion. Biodiesel has several advantages over fossil diesel, such as lower exhaust emissions, higher biodegradability, and lower toxicity. Biodiesel is produced by a chemical process called

    transesterification, which converts fats and oils into fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) or biodiesel.

    Biodiesel is compatible with most diesel engines and vehicles and does not require any major modifications. However, some manufacturers may not extend warranty coverage if biodiesel is used.

    Biodiesel blends are usually labelled with a “B” factor, which indicates the percentage of biodiesel in the mix. For example, B20 means 20% biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel.

    Biodiesel is a carbon-neutral fuel, which means that it does not contribute to the net increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This is because the carbon dioxide released by biodiesel combustion is balanced by the carbon dioxide absorbed by the plants or animals that produce the fats and oils.

    Biodiesel also reduces the dependence on fossil fuels and enhances the energy security of the countries that produce it.