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Fat Splitting

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We are pleased to highlight our recent breakthrough in oleochemical plant design and manufacturing that sets new standards in fat-splitting technology. Our state-of-the-art fat-splitting plant incorporates cutting-edge innovations across all facets of lipid processing:

1. Cutting-Edge Reactor Design: Our fat-splitting plant features uniquely engineered reactors crafted for unmatched process control. The reactors allow ultra-precise regulation of key parameters like temperature, pressure, and reaction time to optimize the complex fat-splitting reactions. Our multiple reactor configuration also enables tailored reaction conditions for different feedstocks. The entire reactor system is automated for consistent, high-quality output.

2. Revolutionary Catalyst Formulation: We have developed proprietary high-performance catalysts that accelerate fat-splitting reaction kinetics for increased throughput and purity. Our catalysts are optimized for activity, lifetime, and regeneration properties to minimize costs. We can also customize catalysts for specific feedstock properties.

3. Advanced Separation Techniques: Our plant employs cutting-edge fractionation solutions for separating and purifying the various products and by-products after the fat-splitting reactions. We utilize a sophisticated multi-stage vacuum distillation system to leverage differential volatility for fractionation. Our distillation columns are equipped with structured high-efficiency trays and optimized reflux flows for sharp component splitting. We also integrate heat pump thermal coupling and multi-effect evaporation to minimize energy usage and maximize heat recovery.

Additionally, we implement high-selectivity membrane separation as a complementary fractionation technology. Our ultra-thin zeolite and ceramic membranes preferentially permeate fatty acids over other components for enhanced efficiency. We can incorporate an array of membrane modules in series and parallel arrangements for incremental fractionation power.

The combined distillation and membrane separation system allows exceptionally high purity isolation of individual fatty acids like oleic acid and stearic acid to over 99% purity. It also fractionates glycerol, mono- and di-glycerides, and other minor by-products into pure streams. Our analyzers and control systems continuously monitor all outputs to ensure consistent separation performance. This superior fractionation capability is essential for producing on-spec products and feedstocks for downstream processing.

4. Customized Scalability: We have unmatched expertise in scaling fat-splitting plants from lab bench to full-scale industrial capacity. Our reactors and separators are modularly designed for flexible capacity. We can tailor the plant’s sizing and configuration for customers’ specific production needs.

5. Sustainability Focus: Our plant is engineered to minimize environmental impacts through solvent-less and low-waste design, heat integration, and recycling of process side streams. We also optimize energy and water usage for reduced consumption.

6. Comprehensive Support: Our comprehensive services span techno-economic studies, process design, equipment supply, on-site installation, and commissioning. We also provide personnel training and long-term maintenance support. Our multi-disciplinary expertise covers the entire plant lifecycle.

With an unrelenting focus on driving innovation across every plant component, we are redefining the future of fat splitting. This technology will benefit diverse industries, from Biodiesel to pharmaceuticals. We invite you to learn more about how our fat-splitting plant can transform your lipid processing operations into a new era of efficiency, precision, and sustainability. Reach out to our team to leverage our technical edge in your oleochemical processes.